When you open my closet, it’s honestly a mash-up of crazy prints, eclectic patterns, and wondrous textures. Vintage mixed with exotic finds from around the world. Where nothing matches, but unexpectedly does. I wouldn’t have it any other way. This gorgeous Cynthia Vincent piece is just one more to add into the collection. The colors reminding me of Mumbai, and the paislee print like out of the Woodstock sky. Subtract the ice and white snow outside my window, and you could say I’m in heaven.


// Sabrina SL choker, Cynthia Vincent dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses //

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  1. Shireen L. Platt says:

    I’ve always been a very boring girl in my dressing, have almost zero sense of style so I stick to plain and neutral. I’ve only recently started to read fashion blogs and am slowly trying to diversify my wardrobe and your blog and sense of style is such a huge inspiration. I have to say your pictures are so so gorgeous, you’re fast becoming my top favourite fashion blog to read!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


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