Deart Parents, why why why why why did you make me get braces along with those horrible visits to the dentist when I just could have been a giant gap toothed BABE?! Sigh. Gelareh Mizrahi is bringing it back, with her snakeskin red Lara Stone python bag (part of her “stoned” collection. why I love it even more) Red has been my color lately, and not just because of Valentine’s Day. But because: GONG XI FA CHOY! It’s Chinese New Year…a reason to wear red for good luck, and celebrate with friends over dumplings and jasmine tea. With the new Lunar year, I’ve already saged, cleansed, and feng shui’d everything I could get my hands on. It’s only positive vibes from here on out.

red-nyfw-2resizedred-nyfw-1resizedred-nyfw-8resizedred-nyfw-7resizedbabes1red-nyfw-4resizedred-nyfw-6resized// Marissa Webb sweater and skirt, Walter Baker leather jacket, Gelareh Mizrahi python clutch, Jocelyn Fur scarf, Saint Laurent pumps //

47 Responses to GAP TOOTH

  1. matilda says:

    i have a gap and i feel so self concious about it. not because i don’t like it, but cause it feels like society only likes perfect straight teeth. I wish there was more room for different types of beauty.

  2. sasha says:

    I love this look. I am always self-conscious about wearing red! You balanced it out perfectly by adding black leather and accents.
    Anyone else find it hard to wear red?


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