What would I do without this lovely babe?! My big sister and best friend, Dylana is also one of my absolute favorites to photograph. This was taken in between shots during Stockholm Fashion Week in Sweden, and though we were extremely jetlagged and delirius, we couldn’t help but smile at everything and fully enjoying the present. The chill by the water numbing yet exhilarating. Like Wayne’s World (our favorite movie) states “LIVE IN THE NOW.” We’re constantly stuck in our own little worlds, singing to our tune, and immediately recognizing eachother’s thoughts. I guess it’s a sister thing. But mostly, Dylana’s writing always leave me inspired, and tingling at my toes. Saying the things we wish we could all say so easily and eloquently. Here are some of my favorites.

“The beating of my physical heart. The twisting of my broken heart. The flutters of my happy heart. I am thankful that I am able to feel and learn from each emotion at its fullest.”- Dylana Suarez

“That it is up to me to make things better and to live the life that I have always wanted for myself and for the people I choose to be a part of my life. To be open to the things that are good with clear eyes. I have recognized all these things. And for that I am grateful. Grateful that I have learned to brush myself off after I have fallen and to not let any bruise stay on me forever.” -Dylana Suarez


// photographed by me //

// Viva a Viva top, Antoinette Vintage pants, SabrinaSL jewelry, BC Footwear shoes //

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  1. Tonya says:

    You two are so beautiful and inspiring! I’ve been following you both for a couple years now and I always love to see what you guys come up with. Keep it up ladies, you two are a dynamic duo for sure!


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