It’s crazy how much I love the Tommy Hilfiger Collection line. Straight off the runway. The rich hues like emerald greens and bold beautiful plaids feel down-to-earth but scream runway-chic. It’s eclectic. You don’t just get a normal plaid button-down from Tommy. It’s go that extra twist of frill, like an exaggerated hem. This bomber jacket reminds me of a vintage piece I used to have from Norway that I picked up somewhere in LA. Voluminous and mountainous. Today, Tommy Hilfiger feels like easy rock n’ roll that easily goes from the streets of LA to a cabin in the Swiss alps . . . or just for a pit-stop in Chinatown for my favorite boba.


// Tommy Hilfiger Collection flannel top and bomber, PAIGE Denim jeans, Worth & Worth hat, Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses, Jerome Bocchio backpack //

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