VIVA LAS VEGAS. For me, it’s a love-hate kind of thing. I guess I really love OLD Vegas. Downtown Las Vegas. Where the streets are currently craving it’s revival by luring you in any which way they can. Home to some of our favorite legends. Elvis and Michael Jackson. Where it all happened. Where they danced on stage… lived for the glitz and glamour…all while changing the world. They don’t call it sin city for nothing. The non-stop entertainment. The black-jack tables, the jingle of the slot machines, the blissful sound of coins dropping in your cup. The flashy cars, glittering lights, and bottomless drinks. I grew up with Vegas. Considering it was my parent’s favorite roadtrip destination when I was a child.  Where everything is over the top and you’ll run into the kookiest of characters. For the holidays, we kept it relatively low-key as I went down memory lane along with those necessary pit-stops at Saint Laurent and Chanel down the Strip. I mean, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.



// Chaser Brand coat, Nasty Gal jumpsuit (on sale!), Free People turtleneck, Dolce Vita boots, Chanel handbag //

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  1. Katherine Lou says:

    So, I’m pretty much obsessed with your outfit and your coat especially! Oh and your boots too. Love them! I feel you about Vegas though. It’s a love/hate relationship. When I used to live in California, my boyfriend and I would road trip there for a few days but to eat and shop on The Strip! Now that we live in Hawaii, it’s not easily accessibly BUT we don’t miss it that much haha. But, Vegas is known as the “9th island” here since SOOO many people here love Vegas. I guess it just follows me everywhere! Haha! Happy New Year!


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