In NYC, you kind of have to master the art of layering. For me, I love having LEATHER as my base before piling on the extras. With a good leather pant, leather glove, and jacket over your sweater…there’s no way wind is getting up in there! By being back in the city, it’s extra hard to avoid being a hermit. You can’t just NOT do anything. There’s always a place to go, a meeting happening downtown, or a friend to catch up with. Thank goodness for indoor markets and the Brooklyn flea. During my off hours, I’m finally getting my apartment back in check. Winter is the best time to get your home feeling extra cozy now isn’t it? LAYER UP.

turtleneck-winter-8resizedturtleneck-winter-7resizedturtleneck-winter-5resized// Ganni coat, Banana Republic turtleneck, VEDA leather jacket, Paige Denim leather pants, Vintage Shoe Co. boots, Fendi sunglasses (from Solstice Sunglasses), BOYY handbag //

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