This month, I’m totally redecorated my apartment. I’m so excited for a clean new slate. New lamps. New paintings. Rugs. Fluffy pillows. With the new year, I want my home my sanctuary. Right now, it’s super minimal. I’ve got loads of windows and natural light, but have kept things super simple due to loads of traveling and rarely having a second to hit the home department. I steer clear of clutter, but I love unique and stand-out pieces. Handmade dream-catchers, a white fluffy bed, a tufted couch, and candles. ZEN. Take a walk through these amazing living spaces. Clean layouts, with a touch of quirky personality. Luxe but down to the earth. So inspired to take my NYC decor to the next level.

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home-nyc-1resizedhome-nyc-2resizedAlso, I’m currently looking for artists/ interior designers/ craftsmen who want their work featured in my home and workspace, and of course, photographed here on NATALIE OFF DUTY. Write me a note babes: natalieoffduty@gmail.com

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  1. Ruby says:

    Love big loft spaces! I grew up in a farm house, which was beautiful, but something about a loft space / converted warehouse appeals to me! Really like the blue sofa in the first picture x


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