This parking lot is all too familiar. Chinatown. Where I’ve stopped for some of the most amazing chicken chow fun and dumplings since I was born. It’s fun revisiting one of your old stomping grounds. So many memories. We decided to relive it and hop in our car back in Los Angeles and take out our adorable Great Aunt Sally for a late lunch. Her icy blue eyes showing wisdom and age over our steamy bowls of soups. She’s constantly reminding my sister and I that life goes by too fast. Do what you love now, everything’s going to be okay, and look out for the GOOD BOYS (why of course Great Aunt Sally!) There’s nothing a comforting cup of jasmine tea, egg noodle soup, and a good chat can’t fix. It was the most perfect simple day. And I kept things classic. Disheveled hair under my favorite black hat, pants so wide that I can move and jump and dance however I feel, and a crisp, clean blazer. I don’t even remember the last time I wore a blazer, but believe me, you feel super smart in one. That with a great tote and ballet flat. But go for your most slept-in tee, and a tug at your drawstring to loosen things up. Till next time parking lot.


// Worth & Worth hat, Growze LA blazer, C/Christ LA tee and wideleg pant, custom Dooney & Bourke tote bag, London Sole ballet flats //

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