Merry Christmas everyone!! This week was a ridiculous amount of fun as I just got back from a roadtrip out to VIVA LAS VEGAS for some slot machine fun and killer shopping (can you say Saint Laurent?!) But most of all, I’m so grateful to get to spend extra quality time in LA with the loved ones before beginning yet another whirlwind year back in NYC. The holidays are so dreamy. Especially when you’ve got the Santa Monica sunset, and bubblegum Vencie Beach skies overhead. I never want it to end.

Like I’ve said before, I packed NO CLOTHES, anticipating packages and work pieces being sent to the West Coast. My luggage always stuffed with gifts and clothing for my family and friends. Sometimes it’s more fun to just work with what you’ve got and see what you come up with! But I made sure to pack these beautiful leather pants to shimmy into just in time for the holidays. Straight off the runway from Tommy Hilfiger Collection, they fit like a dream. With it’s rich burgundy hue, and gold zippers down the ankle and pockets, I’ve got that LED ZEPPELIN “Whole Lotta Love” thing for it. Complete with the matching cowboy boot, and my favorite dip-dye vest. I’m always unleashing my inner rockstar. Maybe that’s what I need to do this year. Start my own band. Who’s with me?


// LuvAJ leather jacket, Artisan De Luxe wool vest, Tommy Hilfiger Collection leather pants, Tommy Hilfiger Collection cowboy boots, Raen sunglasses, Scosha gold ring, Jerome Bocchio backpack //

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