It feel so amazing to be back on the West Coast before the holidays. Normally, my travel trips are short and sweet, packing and unpacking every other day. LA. NEW YORK. LA. NEW YORK. This time, I’m a bit more settled…working before the holiday festivities really take over, and I get to BREATHE. I’m thinking a classic roadtrip up and down the California coast. Maybe casinos and flashing lights out in Vegas. Or driving with the top down up to Redwoods, bundled inside my parka. The smell of pinetrees and ocean. Maybe Mexico. Tulum. Spontaneity. Anything’s possible. Unplanned is the best plan. I feel so much more relaxed, and in tune when I’m home. The view of the mountains from my window from the house I grew up in. Always beautiful, always extra comforting. The endless rows of bougainvillea just the icing on the cake. Good Day LA.


// Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren duster coat, Autumn Cashmere beanie, 1. State dress, Raen sunglasses, Vintage boots //

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  1. Alex says:

    I love your blog and commend you on your beautiful writing style. Many pairs of shoes in my closet are there because I found them on your blog. You have such good taste for the perfect pair of black boots or anything with heels. Your writing reads like poetry. Sophisticated and lyrical.


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