It’s funny how quickly I miss home in NYC whenever I’m traveling. The twinkling lights of the city from my windows. The yellow cabs zooming by always… accomodating to our “I need to get there NOW” schedule. The eclectic style and people. The music at the back of the bar. I never get bored, and I never want that to change. My senses always on overdrive. Always overwhelmed (happily), always exploring. It’s the dream. I guess NYC will be my home forever…in between wherever the wind takes me. Things happen when you least expect it. But my favorite hour in NYC is before the night. Just as the sun is going down and the light begins to dim. Like here, on Sullivan Street. An hour to meet with friends before going out into the cobblestone shadowed streets. Who really knows where you will end up or who you’ll meet in a New York minute?!

In between the holiday madness, I’m currently dreaming up New Years. I can’t wait for a brand new start. An even better, brighter new year. Like every new year I say, “how can this one top the last?!” but it always does.

// photos by the lovely Aaron Schwartz //


// Sea New York jacket, Margaret O’ Leary cashmere turtleneck, RES Denim jeans, Coach handbag, Dolce Vita boots //

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