There are some people you meet and you can’t help but love, and you just click, immediately become friends. That’s how I feel about Sabrina Sun, jewelry designer of Sabrina SL. I met this lovely wife, mother, and amazing woman thanks to my sister Dylana, and every single day, I wear a piece of her jewelry. I like to call her my sister and my mom (a younger version of course!) Everytime we shoot, she comes bearing bouquets of flowers, always putting a smile on my face. This yellow rose really brightening up my morning and awakening my senses. I like pairing something so delicate as a rose, with this oversize, heavy choker: the Organic Shield Choker. It’s equally just as beautiful, but has major tough-girl vibes. Made for a queen. A queen with a strong heart of armor. Paired with a glamourous backless dress torn to shreds. Her handlets, rings, and bracelets are simple, elegant, and badass, all at the same time. I can’t get enough!

Photographed at home by Sabrina SL


// Sabrina SL Organic Shield Choker, Silver Lining Handlet, and rings + Lindsey Thornburg dress //

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  1. auro says:

    I can see why you have so many endorsements from big brands cos you are beautiful not only appearance but inside too . You deserved to be look upon a beautiful individual.


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