These last two months for me have been filled with traveling! After Stockholm Fashion Week, Dylana and I hopped on a quick flight to BERLIN, Germany and we quickly fell in love with this incredible, vibrant city. I’ve never seen so much artwork and graffiti splashed on the city’s grey walls. Little messages from the city’s people always here and there wherever you go. I like to say Berlin is like Williamsburg on crack. There’s more food and beer drinking than anywhere else I’ve ever been. Yes, you can double fist and walk down the street without anyone giving you a second glance. Cheers! Who said you can’t have beer with your morning egg and bagel?! Morning and night, Dylana and I mapped our days. We have an incredible CITY GUIDE with Forever 21 coming your way super soon. So you too, can explore this crazy city, and drink unlimited glasses of wine (for 2 euros…I’ll tell you where soon enough!)  My suitcase surprisingly underweight by about 4 pounds, and I managed to have enough looks for our 10 day European extravaganza. I went with endless layers, and of course many LEATHER JACKETS. Rock tees, crochet vests, and killer cardigans. We topped it up with destroyed denim jeans, and perfect black boots. This city really doesn’t sleep, and that’s what I love most. The city has beauty, and it has grit. That’s what adds to it’s charm. We went into hidden techno bars that honestly didn’t start until 3am…where you could party and read a book in the library, or sit in a bed in a nearby room. Berlin is about enjoying life to the max, one cup of coffee at a time.  And if you’re up for those 24 hour sleepless days, go to Berlin.
// Forever 21 crochet vest, VEDA light pink leather jacket, AG jeans, Vintage boots, Worth & Worth hat, Sabrina SL choker //
// Forever 21 Icona Pop tee, VEDA navy leather jacket, Cameo denim jeans //
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  1. Jilli Joffe says:

    I love these looks! I think the takeaway trend of this post is distressed denim, which is so on-trend right now. I love how you mix high and low to create really unique looks that are all your own! P.S. the leather VEDA jacket is amazing – pastel is going to be everywhere come spring!


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