London is my TOP, TOP place to visit. I don’t know why, but I’ve been madly in love with England before I’ve even been there years back. Maybe it’s the accents? Maybe it’s the gloom? Maybe it’s the rock n’ roll? But honestly, I love everything London brings. I try hardest to go during fashion week each season. Luckily, I had a shoot there right smack dab in the middle of fashion week. Couldn’t be a better excuse to see friends and catch some shows! So knowing I’d be in London for literally only 2 nights, I packed about 4 items. This blouse, a skirt, another shirt, and a pair of jeans. After all the years of overweight baggage fees, I’ve opted to go for a carry-on and nothing else. Packing toooo light is now my problem, but I basically just mixed and matched everything I had. Going for this ruched camo bomber jacket (it’s insane!) with some florals, and some leather. VIOLA. That’s me at Somerset House. Snapped by my favorite Brit/Scottish girl EVER: Jennifer of StyleEast! (See her image below walkin in some vintage trousers and trainers) I became friends with this babe years ago in NYC. Now, I never make a London visit without WhatsApping the heck out of her and all our friends.
 // Anna Sui bomber and blouse, Tommy Hilfiger skirt, RAEN sunglasses, Marie Turnor backpack //
Another amazing thing at Somerset House? The streetstyle. So. Many. Hot. People. Londoners have this easy way of dressing. Thrown together and cool. So of course I snapped away. I used most for my WhoWhatWear Instagram takeover (thanks for everyone who followed along!) Here’s more snapshots to add to the bunch!
// photos by me //

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