I had the pleasure of sitting down with MAJOR BABE, Victoria’s Secret Angel, Lily Aldridge during our Victoria’s Secret #WHATISSEXY? Google Hangout! I loved getting to chat with super sweet Lily and the rest of our special editor guests in a totally SHOPPABLE hangout. We talked streetstyle, fitness, beauty, and WHAT IS SEXY. And you know what? Victoria’s Secret is all about LESS IS MORE. Their simpler silhouettes are currently grabbing my attention. I love demi twin sets in simple clean designs that are still sweet and super sexy. I like when mine peeks out a tiny bit from underneath a tanktop. So with Lily, we dug deeper into what’s so SEXY about LESS IS MORE. It’s really about that effortless approach. You don’t need frills and neon prints to feel sexy. It’s all about going all natural. Showcasing who you are by being free and comfortable in your own skin. This collection is something I want to sleep in, wake up in, and go out in. It scream comfort, but is also sexy, yet in a subtle, effortlessly cool way. Now this is what I love!
Take a peek below at this adorable VS film, and watch our GOOGLE HANGOUT chat here. Thank you Victoria’s Secret for having me as a guest editor!

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