HELLO THERE SWEDEN // Stockholm Fashion Week

Why hello there SWEDEN! I am BEYOND excited to be here in Stockholm for the very first time, covering all the shows for Stockholm Fashion Week. There’s something I just love about the air here in Scandinvia. The air so crisp, even better on a rainy day! It really already feels like fall here, and so I’m already living in a coat and boots. I’ll be covering all the shows with my sister Dylana and VIDEOFYME, an video app here in Sweden that I’ve used for years. They have brilliant filters to make short films, and it’s so easy to cut and paste. I’m a die-hard fan. I’m so excited to re-unite with the team, SWEDISH STYLE.
Speaking of which, I’ve always adored the fashion here in Stockholm. The focus on clean lines, and structured and beautiful quality pieces. They are masters of MINIMALISM. I love how they can make a total statement without the use of prints, but with textures, neutrals, and shapes. My style is absolutely eclectic and I love my wacky prints and bohemian layers, but those simplistic necessities are definitely in my closet. Did I say VEDA?! I packed a ton this time… like this plaid structured coat, and leather pale pink tank. Divine.
// VEDA coat and leather camisole, SIWY Denim ripped jeans (similar), Vintage boots, GUCCI bamboo tote, H&M hat, SABRINASL hand cuff, Lizzie Fornutado necklace //

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Now take a peek at yesterday’s show, FILIPPA K. I love discovering these prominent Swedish labels. I was taken to heaven during this presentation. The water fountain, the model’s glows, and knits to wear for a lifetime.
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