WARRIOR WOMAN // 6 Shore Road runway

I made a super special appearance on the 6 Shore Road runway show during Miami Swim Week! Closing the show, and all smiles down the runway with designer Pooja for the grand finale. I hadn’t walked the runway in YEARS. It was like my 17 year old self again….walking the likes of YSL, Nina Ricci, Marc Jacobs. So many memories. But never have I done SWIM WEEK. I closed the 6 Shore Road show in the gorgeous neon embroidered Tigress Kaftan. Inspired by the warrior women of Nepal, I was decked in gorgeous silver hardware, white henna, a badass nose ring, and extra thick black eyeliner. I absolutely love this type of look. The hair, a twisted braid down the back. Never can I get over her gorgeous prints, and eclectic cut-out swimsuits and coverups. I had the best time playing WARRIOR WOMAN on the catwalk. Who knows when my next runway show will be…maybe NYFW? 

photographed by Dylana Suarez
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