Omg, it feels amazing to show LEG again. Everyday in NYC has gotten more and more beautiful gearing up for a hot summer. My apartment so bright every morning that I just open up the drapes and let the sun soak up the orchids by my window. With the happy-go-lucky spirit of the city, I’ve found myself floating around in fluttering blouses, and tiny denim rompers. That, and a walk in the park. JENNYER, always doing it right when it comes to the summer pieces. Ya know, with that French JE NAIS SE QUOI. Baby blues, sheer whites, and VELVET are my newest obsessions lately. I’m all about the basics and one-pieces that get me dressed in about 2 minutes flat.
//JENNYFER blouse and romper, Worth & Worth hat, Vanessa Mooney choker, The 2 Bandits stone ring, Dannijo ring, GUCCI “soho” shoulder bag, MODERN VICE velvet boots//
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35 Responses to HAPPY-GO-LUCKY

  1. Ivana Split says:

    I don’t even know what to say about those velvet booties…they’re a work of pure genious!

    Let me tell you —you look perfect perfect perfect! You have a way of making these outfits of yours so effortlessly chic and with just enough of a rock vibe and attitude to be really noticeable and stand out!


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