I’m constantly looking for the perfect summer dream house. I’ve already got a small list of weekend destinations ahead, but we’re still constantly on the look out for the coolest, hidden little abode out east. I’m thinking bohemain shaggy rugs, tikis, and wooden plank floors. Open white on white kitchen and ocean views?! Yes, please. There’s always gotta be a place for my bike. My white beach cruiser has been locked up in the basement a little too long, constantly reminding me of why I need to get outside more. Rain or shine, I’ll be prepared in wellies or my favorite leather slides. With a feather plucked in my hat, I have my wrinkled blue jeans bundled in my carry-all, and I save the freudian silk dresses for the hot hot nights dancing out by the fire. We’re talking glistening sweat on our foreheads, FUN.
Places on my RADAR, coming soon.

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