VidefoFyMe x BON.SE Magazine// COACHELLA

You can watch all of my Coachella 2014 videos on the VideoFyMe app on your Iphone, here featured in collaboration with KILLER Swedish mag, BON magazine! I had to throw in some Lana Del Rey combined with the fact that Dylana actually was wearing some BLUE JEANS and a WHITE SHIRT. But there are loads more…including sick dance moves and full-on footage of festivals screaming thanks to my leading ladies, Dylana and Kiara. Take a peek a follow my profile. I’m addicted to this app!

See more of my candid videos now on and here on BON.SE
See you soon in Stockholm this summer babes!
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21 Responses to VidefoFyMe x BON.SE Magazine// COACHELLA

  1. ponyhunter says:

    That little frill crop top is so adorable. I’m determined to get myself to Coachella next year, I’ve been dying of jealousy at all the coverage I’ve been seeing. Hope you had a ball x


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