You get this funny tingling feeling when you wake up on the Sunset Strip, to the perfect glowing sunrise. I put on my glasses, and headed towards the window. The tiny houses perched on the hills. The sun so hard in your face you have to squint. Hollywood is well, Hollywood. I know it all too well. I grew up in LA. Everyone wants to make it. The Sunset Strip is known for it’s glitz and glamour, studios, and movie sets. The parties, the rock n’ roll. I was just in LA for a shoot, and checked right in at the Sunset Tower Hotel. I was so jetlagged that I woke up at 5am tossing and turning, wishing it was my calltime already so that I could hop in the car and go to work. Instead, I waited till the sunrise, did some stretching, and started to unpack. 
I have a brand new travel bag. The GUCCI bamboo tote.
It’s seriously my life. And it’s GORGEOUS beyond belief. Your friends will just want to hold it and stoke it all day if you let them. 
Then, there are the heels. Carlos Pazolini platforms.
I’m very much a boots girl, but these are SO beautiful that I love them just set on my drawers to look at. 
Oh, and did I mention the bougainvillea. I stop and take a photo everytime I spot a beautiful lush corner off Melrose Boulevard. 
LA, I still love you.

//Bits & Bobs cuff//

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