LONDON, February 2014// all photographs by me
BEEP BEEP! COMING THROUGH! London is best for jetting around in your orange bippy down Brick Lane and past the flower market…causing quite the commotion. London is where I’d live if I weren’t an American born and raised in LA, transplanted into crazy NYC. It’s got the charm. It’s got the music. It’s got the absolute beauty…and it’s got the gloomy, rainy days. All of which I love, especially when the smells of exotic foods float past you through the market. Purple tulips here, red roses over there…so fresh, you just wish you’d had plucked them from your very own garden. Ready to set perfectly on your kitchen table. London is made for these easy-going types of moments on a Sunday. A super beautiful and rare, SUNNY day in the UK before I boarded my butt on a plane back to the grinde of NYC life. There are times I wish I were still walking the cobblestone streets through the tunnels, listening to the music from the organ on the street. The grit and grime, and witty sense of humour (plus the accenet) gets me every time I visit.
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37 Responses to BRICK LANE// BEEP BEEP

  1. midori says:

    Very nice post for St. George’s Day! In Barcelona we celebrate it giving roses and books! I almost thought you were thinking of St. George’s Day when I saw so many flowers! hahahahahaha
    Anyway, I’m more for living in Berlin or Paris. Altough I love London!
    big kiss

  2. Rosalind says:

    Ah hello Columbia Rd flower market. yes, it’s the rich variety of smells as much as anything else that makes Brick Lane embed itself into ones consciousness.
    I’m just being reminded of how lovely it was to catch up with you briefly back in Feb.


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