(True Religion overalls and shirt, VEDA x Pamela Love leather jacket, Minnetonka boots// 
URBAN OUTFITTERS halter tank, True Religion denim shorts and denim shirt, Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply fringe suede jacket)
DENIM is my life and so it was extra amazing getting to work with TRUE RELIGION BRAND JEANS in realllyyy wearing in those denim blues to the bone! And at SXSW music festival! You can see more as I tookover their INSTAGRAM…and filled it with images of cowboy boots, bloody mary’s, and Sean Lennon + Charlotte of The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger. SXSW in Austin, Texas is absolutely killer. I’m still listening to my SXSW playlist, inspired to drop everything and pick up my guitar. At the festival, I went for the True Religion patchwork denim overalls, and rugged cut-off tank. Extra roomy and perfect for dancing from dawn till dusk! After 19 hour days, you end up stumbling back to you room with dirt on your knees and ketchup stains on your cuffs. How did it happen? I have no idea. All I know is that I did everything I could to make as many shows, while still managing to grab a bite in-between at the food trucks (hence, the ketchup mess). Festivals are supposed to be messy!!
As the days heated up, I opted for boyfriend shorts and lightweight halter tank I picked up at the local Urban Outfitters. Oh, and did I mention this suede fringe jacket? It’s an ensemble MADE for Texas. A little suede and a whole lot of faded denim goes a long way! True Religion has absolutely nailed their latest collection…with extra soft denims….perfecting the slouchy fit, and my favorite…the skinny. 
-Gardens & Villas: Chrysanthems
-Clear Plastic Masks: Shake Down
-The Ghost of the Saber Tooth Tiger: Jardin du Luxembourg
-Clear Plastic Masks: Baby Come On
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  1. Christina Pozolera says:

    So glad you guys enjoyed my fair city! So many people here complain about SXSW and the masses of people that it brings here, but I think that the whole southby week is pretty darn magical! Music on every corner and I barely even have to leave my house to hear it. Even the freakin laundromats and grocery stores have bands playing inside!

  2. Tania Prieto says:

    I adore your style Natalie! Been a big fan for a while now. Just now got the courage to start my own blog and share my ideas, it’d mean a lot to me if you took a look!


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