Revlon Photoready Primer, Shadow + Sparkle palette in “Pop Art”  
(shot for’s THE CUT)

With the REVLON PhotoReady, Shadow+ Sparkle “Pop Art” palette, I fell in love with the shadow combination. A bold and bright emerald green shimmer, paired with a swipe of deep brown for a dramatic effect, and of course, a beautiful subtle gold finish. Green, brown, nude, and that pop of gold. Colors that blend so unexpectedly perfect. For me, I’m all about color. Sometimes I’m all about a bold red shoe..or like here, a bright yellow blouse. Even my apartment is covered in out-of-this-world art. Splattered home-made paintings and cut-out collages made by friends. It really did all started with the Campbell’s Soup Can. Andy Warhol’s masterpiece was all the art I knew when I was a kid. Then there was the extra bright portrait of Marilyn Monroe with the green eyeshadow and lemon yellow hair in neon lights. The Revlon “Pop Art’ palette reminds me of all of things, and I love getting to incorporate that look into my own colorful personal style.

See more of the story, and shop shop this look on NY Mag’s THE CUT!

Ad photographed by Dylana Suarez

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  1. rossana says:

    OMG you have everything a cosmetic company need to model their exclusive makeup and skin care as you have the Best features , high cheek bones beautiful long cat eyes and a pouty lips that god gave to do this kind of job. You gonna go a long successfl career You go girl !!!


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