(Chaser Brand sequin moto jacket and “Brit flag” tank, Citizens of Humanitys denim skirt, The 2 Bandits belt, Ask Alice booties, Vanessa Mooney rings, Chloe handbag)
I just got back from being on holiday out in the woods in a log cabin (just what I needed after whirlwind year!), and all that’s on my mind is New Year’s Eve! Gah, 2013 went by SO SO fast. And it’s been a dream ride. I just spent my morning looking through my past Instagram feed in bed and holy moly…how can so many incredible things happen in just one year?! It was literally like excitement after excitment and I feel lucky I’ve got all you pals joining me in all the fun. No wonder I’m totally POOPED. So much to be thankful for…and so many magical dreams come to life. Oh 2014, I can’t wait for you! Right now, I’m currently savoring the last few days of 2013…doing last minute spur-of-the-moment crazy activities before it’s back to WORK WORK WORK. We got insane tickets to PHISH last night…talk about some real hippie dreams come true. And tonight will be another NYC celebration…with my all time favorite badass babe, PATTI SMITH. May as well get in as many incredible musical gigs in as possible, eh? I’ll be shimmying the night away in sparkles. This Chaser Brand sequined moto a new favorite. A piece to wear to any holiday party, or, for me…anyday of the week!
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58 Responses to NEW YEAR SPARKLE

  1. Nasreen says:

    AHHH I saw on your instagram that you went to PHISH. Totally jealous. I agree with you, do as much as you can before the year’s over but saying that, I should probably take that advice too hahah

    great outfit, you’re a pro at mixing and layering clothes!
    Lazy Obsession

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    2. says:

      J’adore l »extraordinaire façon, de Laurence, d’analyser dans un style bien personnel ce qui convient ou ne convient pas à la silhouette ( la sienne, et bien sûr en général à toutes les femmes dites rondes ! ). Merci à vous pour la création de ce blog excellentissime point de rencontres et de partage.

    3. says:

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