(W Concept leather jacket, Greylin blouse, J Brand ripped jeans, Richer Pooer socks, Lucky Brand leopard hat, Modern Vice “carly” boots, Hugo Boss handbag, Vanessa Mooney rings, Miriam Salat fringed earrings)
I still can’t believe I haven’t had the time to unpack my suitcase just yet. A bit embarrassing to have my big black bag still only slightly unzipped in my living room. In that case, I spent the weekend living in a 3 year old pair of black ripped skinnies, and a brand spankin’ new leather moto. Such a sweet, sweet gift to come home to! W Concept does everything right! Yep, my latest obsession is this extra thick and heavy EASSSY RIDERRR jacket paired with a giant Southwestern fringed earring. The more rock n’ roll, the better. Still, I’m desperately trying to get back in the swing of the things, when I’m suddenly stuck in holiday mode. The winter cold making me want to hibernate this week, even though I’ve got more work to do than usual…catching up after a long Turkey break. Looks like I’ll be living in this worn-to-death pair of jeans, and hiding under a hat come Friday.

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  1. Rosalind says:

    I’m suddenly and delightfully reminded – looking at your ripped jeans – of the very first pair of skinny jeans I ever owned. I adored them so much I wore them until the rips in the knees tore all the way round to the back.
    You epitomize head-turning ‘cool’ here.


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