(MINKPINK faux fur coat and skirt, Chaser Brand “Fender” top, Soxiety socks, Manitobah x Free People moccasins)
I’m currently in upstate New York, wrapped in a blanket by the fireplace of our cabin and watching the light snow fall heavier and heavier onto our balcony. Our secret destination this time? Lake Placid! I can’t even begin to describe this dreamy trip. I just don’t want to leave! Playing The Brain Jonestown Massacre and The Nationals albums on the whole 5 hour drive up, bundled in a huge furry coat, my boyfriend and I just couldn’t wait to get there. We love heading out so far out of town, that you lose cell service and all you have is the open road, good music, and mountains to lust over during the whole ride. I packed a ton of prints, and textures. And of course, a KILLER pair of Manitobah “Storyboot” moccassins, a wonderful upstate gift from Free People. I kept them in the backseat of our car, knowing I’d live in them inside the cabin. It’s a boot I’ve always wanted. It’s the softest, must luxurious, COOLEST warm thing to put on your feet. Im seriously addicted. I very much felt like an eskimo these past days. Blending into the warm tones and colors of our wood-covered abode. Christmas trees and lights every way you turn inside the lodge. Snow covered trees in every direction outside our windows. In fear of catching real cabin fever, we went bowling…we went ice skating out by the woods over a lake…and I spent hours by the hot tub, looking out to the snow. Talk about a real, beautiful white Christmas. I felt completely at peace snuggled on the couch, movies on repeat, with absolutely no schedule for the day. I needed a vacation and this was just too perfect of a getaway to pass up. A true winter wonderland dream come to life. I’ve got loads more to show you from our upstate adventures. Stay tuned, and happy holidays my babes!


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