(ShopGrl sweater, Wildfox Couture maxi skirt, Modern Vice booties, and Grand Marnier Signature Collection No. 2 Raspberry Peach Liquor)

Style Tip #1: For the holidays, I’m all about the extra shiny and flowing maxi skirt. It’s the easiest “grab on and go” piece just before a night party. I love taking my black beauty out on the town with a vibrant red sweater and of course, a great bootie and hat. It’s simple yet will stop anyone dead in their tracks. A real show stopper. 
(EXPRESS white blazer, Lush Clothing sweater, AG Jeans silver jeans)

Style Tip #2: During the holidays, sometimes I just don’t want to wear anything too fussy. Just a great easy blazer, and of course, a killer jean. Trade in your blues for a silver metallic number. Slip them on, and it’s like second skin. Plus, the shimmer and shine will definitely get you in holiday party mode and will get you feeling like a rockstar. Even if you’re just at friend’s house, having a drink!
I spent some time creating my very one Grand Marnier Signature Collection No.2 HOLIDAY drink! And boy oh boy was it fun to create with this amazing French liquor!! I love flowers, thyme, orange, and blueberries. And what better than in a cute and home-ey Mason Jar! Here’s what you’ll need to create my very own Grand Marnier Holiday concotion!
RECIPE for the OFF DUTY KISS champagne cocktail:
1. Grand Marnier raspberry and peach LIQOUR
2. 1 bottle of chilled champange
3. bowl of blueberries
3. strawberry puree juice
4. 1 orange
First, drop in you blueberry’s! Pour 1/4 of your jar with champagne, another 1/4 of the liquor and 1/2 your jar with strawberry puree. Slice up an orange, and squeeze in a little bit, and leave a slice on the edge of your cup. For extra cuteness, stick in a few thymes into each jar! Enjoy!
Party Etiquette Advice: Never spill your drink on a friend’s dress!

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