(Worth & Worth biker cap, Rebecca Taylor tweed jacket, Amour Vert striped top, MiH blue jeans, Tory Burch handbag satchel, Carolinna Espinosa heels available at Nordstrom)

What better than to take the blue, blue vintage (but not) jean and pair them with a sleeeeeeek black shimmery heel. I’m diggin’ this brand spankin’ new Carolinna Espinosa shoe at the moment. Pointed toe, check. T-strap, check. Paired with my favorite striped top, tweet jacket, plaid cap, I’m reminded of France of course. BONJOUR! MERCI! If only I had a baguette and bicycle with a bit of flowers tossed in it, I’d be all set. Anyways, I just picked up this incredible biker cap at the Worth & Worth atelier and knew it had to be mine the moment I put it on. The chain, the fit…so good I can’t even handle it. I can’t wait to show you more from the hat that I designed with Orlando at Worth & Worth…it may possibly be my very favorite. Knowing the best hat maker in town ain’t a bad thing! (Thank you Orlando!) My best mate, Kelsea Kosko captured me here up on my roof after a long’s day work…just before the sun went down. Cold, but with that perfect evening winter glow.
 Already, I’m packing for my next adventure. It’s NYC to LA once again!

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