(Stolen Girlfriend’s Club cropped sweater, 7 For All Mankind jeans, Ralph Lauren trenchcoat (similar), Swedish Hasbeen boots, Marie Turnor handbag (similar), Karmyn Dame gold cuff, The 2 Bandits rings, IPPOLITA silver ring, Vanessa Mooney big ring)

I love a good cropped sweater that feels like a wetsuit at the beginning of fall. Neoprene is my friend…in a swimmy, a dress, anything! With a trench, some shredded jeans, and victorian clogs, I felt like the tallest chick in Bryant Park. Any type of heel always makes me taller than anyone walking in the crowds, and suddenly, everyone crossing the street is looking up at me. But I LOVE LOVE the park in fall. This day in particular felt like gloomy London. The little chairs, the white sandy floors, it all reminds me of NYFW back in the day, when it was so darn chic and Bryant really was the place to be and be seen. I miss all of those street shots, pinned to my walls back in my hometown of LA. Anyways, I had just left the factory and meetings, and finally had a chance to plop down and stare up into the trees. With so much work, my pals and I have been using our days off going to gigs to dance the night away before it gets way too cold to think of going out. This time? TAME IMPALA and The Flaming Lips! With some rad VIP tickets overlooking the band, we found ourselves headbanging next to Alexa Chung, before I had to actually throw off my clogs and hat to really let loose, flailing my arms above the crowd.

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