(Eleven Paris tee, Jessica Faulkner pleated skirt, Ralph Lauren trenchcoat, Kenneth Cole handbag, Hunter Boots wellies, The 2 Bandits accessories)
So the pleated miniskirt is too darn cute to resist. I’ve been channeling CHER from Clueless all weekend, and I can’t seem to stop pairing these babies with a good high boot or over-the-knee socks. I’ve got the pleated mini in pink, black…and this one, beige and checkered to perfection, just happens to be one of my favorites. I love it with a basic oversize tank, bare legs, and a tan trench. I had on my wellies to protect me from the black clouds rolling above…sure to bring a super heavy rain over the city. I was nearly running on home in hopes of staying dry. But not quick enough. I got caught in the storm down Bowery, soaking in my perfectly pleated mini squeling. AS. IF. 

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