(Hudson Jeans moto jeans, Never Fully Dressed blouse, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” JETT BOOTS, Wildfox Couture sunglasses, BOERA knuckle ring, Jenny Bird serpent cuff, Vanessa Mooney choker (similar)
There’s nothing better than a super sheer blouse with giant bell sleeves that makes you feel like you can just fly away. I’m in love with all things Never Fully Dressed. The whites, creams, and laces I’ve only dreamt of. Here, I took my angel wings, and paired them a sick pair Hudson MOTO jeans. Now we’re talkin’ Hell’s Angels! My father was in love with them. He’d have his own leather jackets and biking pants tucked in the back of my parent’s closet, in case he ever wanted to get a motorcycle hehe. We’d watch when they drove by our car in packs down the 405. Just wondering where they were going. I love the contrast between a lightweight feather of a top and thick, heavy-duty denim. And look-ey here!! The classic JETT is back and better than ever! Many styles coming soon to all of our favorite stores…Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie. Wait till you see what we have coming next!
Till then, it’s nearly Friday. Currently planning a weekend getaway before another super long week of work. Maybe we’ll kick it upstate, HELL ON WHEELS style.

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49 Responses to HELLS ANGELS

  1. sara says:

    The Hells Angels were of the most abusive groups of organized criminals to have existed in this country. If you read any literature describing first hand accounts of their behavior, it includes beating, emotional abuse, and frequent gang raping of women. To use their image to add a ‘bohemian’ vibe to your blog is a clear misunderstanding of their actions and values, and should be thought through before adding to the glorification their group. If you would like to claim to be a free thinker and supporter of peace, read a book!

  2. Kristian says:

    Love this outfit, though the part about the Hell’s Angels made me smile. When you wondered where they were going, they were probably heading out towards near where I live (WY is a popular place for them, because of all the mountain scenic drives and being near Sturgis which is the Mecca of motorcycling.)


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