(Motel Rocks Vintage jumper dress, Goodnight Macaroon daisy crochet top, Cleobella studded handbag, Anniel Moda Italy ballet flats, GANT sunglasses, Vanessa Mooney choker (similar) 
I don’t remember the last time I had one of those fantasticly broken-in ballet flats. I have a newfound love here with Anniel Moda in Italy…they’re like the real ballet shoes I’ve worn in dance class…but even more delicate and wayyy more appropriate for the streets of Williamsburg. How was you Labor Day? I brought my boyfriend to Brooklyn…to catch up with old friends and frolick in a teeny tiny vintage jumper and an oversize sunnie and handbag. Petals, crochet..and stars on my shoes…. I’m slowly getting used to the fact that it’s going to be fall and I’ll no longer get to be bare-legged. Oh, if only the holiday weekend could last longer and longer. I’ve got Neil Young playing as I’m trying to have a few relaxing moments before this extremely long week traveling. Once I’m back in NY, it’s right smack in the middle of the NYFW craziness, and I’m pretty excited to come back and party with my friends in town from all over the world. Till then, I’ll be on very little sleep!

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  1. Nathan Moy says:

    Adore the details on that knit piece, so cute and love the yellow color. Btw, I’m hosting a giveaway of a MAWI spiked sphere ring that retails for £295, I guarantee it’s a very provocative piece to own! And yes it’s INTERNATIONAL! Just follow on at least two or three then you can win this statement luxury piece! <3

    xx The Provoker


  2. Tori Cott says:

    We all will be ok! I love that title! Those ballet flats are amazing! Just took a look at their site–so beautiful! Thanks for sharing those.
    Sounds like you had a relaxing Labor Day listening to Neil Young and hangin with friends. Mine was exhausting, our day hike was looonnng and hot.

    Much love,

  3. velvettovagabond says:

    Beautiful Natalie!! Ballet flats are my staple piece. You could literally pair them with anything and still look effortlessly chic! I like Repetto flats, they’re a bit pricy but they last for so long and they’re suuuuper comfortable!

    Also, since you’re in (or where) Williamsburg, you’re fairly close to Greenpoint and I don’t know if you like record shops but theres an awesome one called Permanent Records!! Also Franklin’s pizza is amazing!



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