(MATE Vintage tank, Vintage lace top, HUDSON Jeans, Cleobella satchel, RAEN sunglasses, Kenneth Cole boots, BOERA ring, Jenny Bird earrings (similar)
Right when I got back to NYC, it’s right smack dab in the middle of New York FASHION WEEK! Running to Lincoln early for shows, all while throwing together a quick look in the morning. Luckily, I have these darling babes to plan the days with, and get a little crazy. Some of my show favorties? Rebecca Taylor, Herve Ledger (shown above), and Tracy Reese (I love colorful clothes and a playlist I can dance in my seat with).  There are still SO many shows I can’t wait to go to this week. Anna Sui, Tory Burch, Saunder, and countless more that I’m hoping time even allows me to attend them all! Ever since I’ve come back home, I’ve kind of been re-living in my vintage part of my closet. The little lace blouse I’d always wear under a band tee. That striped blouse I picked up at a local LA garage sale. Dylana has been surprised to see me this weekend as the “old Natalie” as she says. I love getting to snuggle up into a little bit of my Natalie Off Duty history. Not sure what’s gotten into me…but I can’t seem to step away from my old favorites in a sea of shiny stilettos and new, fresh off the runway looks that no longer grab my attention. Here is Dy and some rad, COOL girls… off the runway.

YOU’RE INVITED!! Excited to have all my closest pals as I host the upcoming ARTISAN DE LUXE store opening event in SOHO! The rock n’ roll, bohemian gypsy is out to play. I’ve got some Janis Joplin fur I’m ready to sport come Tuesday! Invite is HERE:

WHAT: Artisan De Luxe STORE OPENING in Soho, NYC
WHEN: this Tuesday, September 10th, 7-10pm
WHERE: 10-20 Crosby Street

RSVP to: casey@stardustvisions.com

Feel free to bring guests!! See you tomorrow Tuesday, the 10th!!

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  1. Kirby Bee says:

    Old favourites are old favourites for a reason. Being able to return to them time and time again. And not having to worry if you are ‘on trend’. All those reasons and more.

    Love the lace.


  2. Panty Buns says:

    I love the little lace blouse you style with your outfits and love the glimpses of lacy and feminine fashion from New York Fashion Week as well. You look fabulous! I’ll too far away but I think it’s wonderful that you’ve invited your fans to see you hosting the Artisan De Luxe Store Opening in Soho tomorrow on the 10th from 7-10 PM. What fun! Have a wonderful Opening and a fabulous NY Fashion Week!



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