(Lovers & Friends varsity jacket and “MERCI” tee, Wildfox Couture denim jeans, Karen London gold cuff, The 2 Bandits silver cuffs (similar), Vintage Chanel backpack, Rudy + Ed sneakers)

A completely destroyed denim jean is the best thing ever for traveling. And especially in LA…home to denim. Here I’m caught on the steps of my backyard. Just where I’d always sit with my friends and have late-night girltalk, planning what we’d do with our lives…it’s where we grew up. Those brick steps. Far enough down that the parents couldn’t see us from the 3rd floor of our house. Pulled together with a varsity jacket and super short tee, I really do feel like I went back to that time. Of high school football and games and just being young, wild, and completely free…you know, before real life happens. But I have to admit, life all grown up is the best thing ever. AND I officially have a varsity jacket collection similar to my Dad’s vintage closet thanks to my gal pals at Lovers & Friends! MERCI BEACOUP. 

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48 Responses to MERCI BEAUCOUP

  1. Sabina says:

    I’m not normally into Varsity jackets, marching band jackets or anything else that makes me think of school, but I love how this jacket says “lovers” right over the lion. And that top looks great on you.

  2. Sam says:

    You always manage to look amazing, now don’t you, haha! I adore your jeans, they’re the perfect item for indeed travelling or when you don’t know what to wear!



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