(Reformation romper, Vintage hat, Vanessa Mooney choker and bracelet, Ax + Apple/ Karen London rings, JEWELMINT earrings, Chloe handbag, RAEN sunglasses, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” “CHLOE” boots)
I am already back in NYC, and though I feel completely drained and jet-lagged, I’m still keeping my head up, going through some of my favorite images from California. My favorite days are always right along the Pacific coast…the smell of the sea water filling up the car as we drive down Malibu Road. And this day was amazing. The Revolve Clothing beach house just happened to be the best way to get all of us LA chicks together in one place over the weekend. I finally met the blonde bombshell, Vanessa Mooney…you know, that amazing woman that makes all those rad jewels I’m always wearing? Yep, this little choker is my life. To meet her for real is so strange! It’s like I already knew her! I even brought my Mom and Dad along for the ride…yep, they love coming with me to parties and meeting all my friends. They are the cutest people you’ll ever meet and I got teary just leaving our LA home yesterday. We’re so, so close and get even closer as I grow up. The Malibu home was a dream and just what I needed this summer…I even found Caroline lying in the tub overlooking the ocean, before taking our mojitos out to frolic in the sand. As you can see, my boots are COVERED in sand. I definitely forgot my sandals that time around.

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