Featuring my top Dr. Jart+ skin products
(wearing a Gypsy 05 top)
For me, I love taking care of my skin. It was my Mom who really pushed it on me…saying “never go to bed without moisturizing, and never leave the house without sunscreen.” Ever since then, I’ve been paying close attention to what products worked for me. With traveling, and from being on shoots, and wearing makeup, my skin can feel worn down after a long day’s work. I’ve tried so, so many different products and then I realized that my skin was always the best and most clear when I just, let it be…and kept it clean and moisturized with the basics. My top products are by Dr. Jart+ and honestly, I’m addicted. Everything from the detox cleanser to their Ceramidin cream leaves my skin feeling so fresh and smooth. I love a freshly moisturized face and that glistening look. Plus, they smell soo good, making waking up and going to bed super relaxing!
I’m happy to finally let you know what Dr. Jart+ products I use daily:

1. Black Label Detox 02 Cleansing Foam: I’m obsessed with this foam cleanser because it’s extremely gentle, yet I still see results. It’s perfect for removing the grime from the New York City streets, and getting a real detox every morning. Wash after wash, it keeps my skin even more hydrated and clear, rather than stripping away my oils. It really allows my skin to breathe. 

2.  Ceramidin Liquid: The Ceramidin Liquid is my go-to primer. I use it just before the Ceramidin Cream, to really lock in moisture. Right away, my skin feels calmer and way more hydrated. Though I have combination skin, which can get oily, but also easily get dry because it’s so sensitive, it’s so much more clear and blemish free when my skin is fully hydrated throughout the day. The Ceramidin Liquid is what I use every single morning before moisturizer, and before applying any makeup. It’s that much needed base.

 3. Ceramidin CreamSometimes my skin can feel so dry after long days out in the city…and during any time of year. And especially if I’m out on a shoot, and I’ve been wearing makeup all day, my skin can feel even more worn down. The Ceramidin Cream is the perfect cream to relieve irritation, redness, and of course dryness right away. It moisturizes for over a full day, and keeps my skin feeling much more fresh and smooth no matter where I am. It’s super light, and I now make sure to keep this in my bag everyday.

4. Water Fuse Water-Max Sleeping Mask: Though I like to keep my routine as simple as possible, every week or so, I have to use a mask. Just to get the dirt out of my pores and for some really deep cleaning. For me, people are always touching my skin, putting on my makeup for shoots, and sometimes I just need one really good skin detox. This sleeping mask totally does the trick, and it’s so relaxing, the delicious scent puts me to sleep right away. It’s like my own mini spa at home.

5. Premium BB CREAM Beauty Balm spf 45: Sunscreen is my number 1. I never leave the house without sunscreen on. The face is probably the most important. Also, when I’m not working, I try to keep my makeup super minimal so my skin can breathe…maybe just a little foundation around the T of my face. I wear this beauty balm under my makeup, and immediately it makes my skin look fresh and clear. It’s the perfect base, and I love knowing that the SPF is giving my skin that extra protection anytime of the year.

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All products now available at Sephora

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