(Karen London silver ring, Vanessa Mooney necklace/cuff/rings, Free People clothing, Stance socks, RAEN sunglasses)
Just a few more notes from NYC, shot by Emma Jane Kempley. I’m back in LA for work and though I’ve already gone from LA down to San Diego, and BACK to LA late last night, I’m already wide away at 6:30, ready for my next adventure. Here’s more of my lovely Jordan, being all cuddly in bed, serenading and strumming our ol’ Martin…and me, plopped on my big pink couch with a big fat issue of PURPLE FASHION. Today’s a morning I’m missing the normal-ness of my everyday NYC life. Right now, my sleep schedule is still a bit off. Anyways, Emma is amazing and I loved her young spirit in capturing photos. After our morning shoot, we went for 2 good milkshakes for lunch in the Lower East Side. Like two kids in the corner booth. I wish I had more to write, but I literally have to hop in the car in about 10 minutes.

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