(Elkin bomber jacket (similar), Chaser Brand top, Free People skirt, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” CHLOE BOOT w/ harness, Gant sunglassesChloé “ethel” handbag)

Just after our early morning MANGO shooting in Spain, we wanted a city escape and hopped in a cab to Parc del’ Labirinit d’ Horta. It was my boyfriend’s idea, and I knew it would be insane…I mean the word, “labyrinth” was in it. Suddenly, I started thinking of David Bowie in that film I would obsessively watch as a child with Dylana. All those weird and unusual things that happened. After falling asleep in our cab, we finally arrived and it was beautiful of course, much like everything in Spain! Brown stone, aged with the sun. It wasn’t until I made my up the stone steps and looked to my left that I freaked out. Just over the ledge was a huge grassy maze, yes, it was THE LABYRINTH. We couldn’t believe it. It was stunning. We eventually walked down to explore, and you wouldn’t believe it…it took us nearly half an hour just figuring out how to get out of the darn thing. We found ourselves running into the same dead-end walls, through the exact same routes, that somehow, looked different every single time. It felt like the walls themselves were actually closing up on us. Everyone who was inside there with us was having a hard time, all sweating beneath the harsh Spanish sunlight. We nearly gave up, standing on a bench in the center, hand on hips, hoping to find a way out. After taking nearly every single route, we found our exit!!! I wanted nothing than to finally rest in the shade by the small pools of water in the park. I wore nothing but my favorite Free People plaid skirt, a torn Iron Maiden tee, and floral Elkin bomber, wrapped around my waist. After a week of working and getting all prim and proper for events and the shooting, I wanted to be grunge, wear what I normally wear, anything I can get down and dirty in. I did end up coming home to some pulls on my skirt and dirt in my shoes. But it was well worth it. Parc del’ Labirinit, I’m happy I met you. You know how to make a girl feel like a queen for just a day.

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53 Responses to THE LABYRINTH

  1. Emily B says:

    Gorgeous photos, this place looks unreal! I too loved that movie as a kid-even though most parts scared the wits out of me!
    This looks like an awesome adventure


  2. the.ramonas says:

    Beautiful place!!! Never been in Spain, now i want to go there sooo much. Beautiful pictures, glad you got relax afteer working with your combat clothes 🙂
    We all should do that more often.

    Much Love!


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