SONY: XperiaZ Smartphone Underwarter LAUNCH PARTY

It’s here! The Sony Xperia Z smartphone, exclusively at T Mobile, and I have to say, I am beyond excited to try this baby out. I flew back from Paris on Monday, and just in time for last night’s big SONY launch party and concert, out in Soho, in what used to be a gorgeous 5 story loft…so beautiful, and complete with an indoor pool! Yep, it was an underwater adventure, filled with violinists in the pool, and a blue-lit hue throughout the whole venue. The smartphone is one that works UNDERWATER, and we were all in there, throwing the phone in the pool, and yep, it does work in the deep blue sea and you can take absolutely gorgeous underwater snapshots. I’m dying to take this baby out to the ocean this summer when I’m back in California for work next month. It was another gorgeous, hot summer night in the city, and I’m so so so happy to be back. All of my favorite people together in one place again and most of all, PASSION PIT! I love these guys and so I crept right up to the front just to listen. Sleeeeepyhheeead still plays over and over in my head. With Dylana, Kelsea, and the rest of our pals, we had a LONG LONG Tuesday night, and honestly, I’m just dying to open up my phone and try that baby out in the pool! Here’s to a warm welcome back to the States! x

(wearing Worth & Worth hat, Vanessa Mooney choker (similar), Ax + Apple necklace (similar), unknown dress, The 2 Bandits cuffs, Rebecca Minkoff backpack)

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41 Responses to SONY: XperiaZ Smartphone Underwarter LAUNCH PARTY

  1. Admirably Pretty says:

    Well how cool is that! I must take a look at this phone because I really need a new one and this one sounds great! I’ve always wanted to take underwater pictures.

    The photos you took at this event are wonderful. Love your outfit!

    XO Imke

  2. Ivana Džidić says:

    that looks like a warm welcome indeed! I love your photos, always so much atmosphere on them and on these in particular one can literally smell summer (and good times).

    That phone does sound fascinating…it works underwater…how cool is that!

  3. Ramona Beltran says:

    Welcome back Natalie!
    Thank you for sharing the good vibes from that wonderful pool party! hope you enjoyed it!
    I’m in looove with your outfit, i have a similar dress and its one of my favorites.!

    Much Love


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