(C&C California tie-dye dress, Worth & Worth hat, Rabeanco backpack, Vanessa Mooney cuff/thumb ring/nekclaces, Rila turqoise ring, Karen London silver ring, Modern Vice “carly” boots)

Lately, I’ve been listening to a ton of Janis Joplin. “Cry Baby” and her husky voice filling my whole apartment. I sing along, my voice getting more raspy the louder I get and the more I find myself rocking out in the bathroom. Jimi Hendrix’s “HEY JOE” another I turn on full blast once I come home (sorry neighbors!) What I do for electric guitar, that whole San Francisco gang who has inspired me since birth. The colors of their time are forever twisting in my mind. The purples, the pinks, washed out, and swirling with oranges and blacks. Only Keith Richards and I own this hat…can you believe it was actually made for my boyfriend as his summer hat?! Of course, I threw it on, and knew it had to be mine. I mean, it IS purple, floppy, and FOR A GIRL. Thank you Orlando! This dress also splashed in the most beautiful shades and designed by my rad babes in Vencie Beach at C&C California. Our campaign we shot in LA for Fall, will be out soon! I cannot wait to see more from my Cali girls! Anyways, Dylana shot me here on my East Village roof…the glowing purples and pinks dancing in the sun…like heaven on Earth. 
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76 Responses to RAPTURE

  1. Violet says:

    this was beautifully put… I could see you entering your home and music blaring…. i could imagine the swirl of colors too. Your way with words is just as wonderful as your style!


  2. Amaris says:

    You look AWESOME. I would probably look like a hot mess if I wore that dress! Do you have any type of arrangement for wearing jewelry? Or do you just put on whatever you feel like? :p


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