(Lolli Swim x Free People bikini top and bottom, Goldie Rae cover-up, Worth & Worth hat, Vanessa Mooney cuff, Grandmother’s Buttons bolo necklace, vintage dress, RAEN sunglasses, Chloe handbag, Modern Vice “CARLY” boots)
I still have so so many adventures to share with you, but right now, I am in beautiful Paris, and can barely find time even to check my emails! Here I am snapped by the beach of Barcelona, using my day off to get that much needed tan. It’s been HOT, HOT, HOT in Spain, and without an umbrella on the beach, you’d become a lobster. Luckily, I brought along a lightweight cover-up and sunscreen, crunched up in my overflowing handbag. The ivory crochet beauty is just a little something I discovered back home in NYC, and immediately threw in my suitcase. It screams Spain! Oh so natural and oh so easy to dance in! Making our way down Las Ramblas, we finally found the Port. The water, the people, those topless and avoiding a bikini line! On our way, we found something a little more exciting, ABSENTA…you know, the Green Fairy drink? Strong enough to make you tip over your chair? Yep, just by the beach, we found Absenta…the rad bar that, besides to the old Bar Marsella, sells absinthe! We took the liqourice-like drink for a spin at around noon, and I have to admit, I only took a few sips and already, I felt it’s heat in my head. My boyfriend, downing the thing before we made our way to the beach, was definitely feeling it! YIKES. So there you have it…a straw hat, some good boots, and absenta to help carry us through the Spanish SOL! Despite our hangovers, we did manage to recover before our MANGO shooting. Stay tuned! x
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35 Responses to LA PLAYA SOL

  1. Anna says:

    My sister was in Barcelona while you were there and I told her to go to all the places you posted on Instagram since it looked so beautiful in your photos!
    She unfortunately got robbed today. Put her bag down by her feet and someone snatched it right from under her nose. She lost her camera and all her pictures from her month long trip 🙁

  2. Jenelle Witty says:

    Beautiful photos, it looks like a great trip. You have really captured a mood- and details that perhaps many people would not notice. My boyfriend was just in Barcelona, I am so envious! One day…
    Great shots from the Mango show ps, I loved the leather pieces.


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