(Lauren Moffatt dress, RAEN sunglassesChloé handbag, Modern Vice “carly” boots, Shashi bracelets, Vanessa Mooney cuff, BOERA knuckle ring)

In Paris, I woke up thinking of Marie Antoinette. Versailles. The Princess’s royal summer home. The gold, the dresses, the chandeliers. Everything I’ve seen in Sofia Coppola’s film, I wanted to see in real life. The cakes, the gardens. It was Bastille Day, and I woke up early…mapping out how to get to Versailles on this holiday…where roads were closed and people were already filling the morning streets in preparation of French Independence Day. I had to make it to Versailles this time, I thought. We were running late as usual, and so I threw on a this adorable little Lauren Moffatt number, a pair of white sunnies, slathered on my sunscreen, and called it a morning. Crossing the canal overlooking the Eiffel Tower, we finally caught and cab, and after snoozing in the back seat, we were pulling up to the royal gates before we knew it! This beautiful place! So so big, the palace stretching so far and wide. The shining printed walls, so elegant…with copper and bronze doors, so tall overhead. I didn’t want to leave this magical place. I could only imagine what it was like back in the 1700’s…those out in the hot sun in their elaborate get-ups, an umbrella and fan in hand. Making my way to the garden, I was amazed. The perfect lawn, the little trees…it was a work of art. So serene and peaceful. Grabbing Jordan’s hand, we made the long long walk down to the fountains, lying under a tree to keep cool. I got back to Paris with the white dust covering my shoes and knees, but a head full of dreams. It’s nice feeling like a queen for just one day. 

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  1. Emma Clark says:

    I’m really jealous that you get to travel so much! I’m headed to Europe in less than two weeks and I’ll be visiting Paris as well! I was there about two years ago and I’ll never forget Versailles… It’s breathtaking. I can’t wait to be back in such a beautiful city!


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