Worker’s Uniform

(Joe’s Jeans romper, Giles + Brother necklace, Vintage shirt, Jada & Jon handbag, Nine West boots, The 2 Bandits turqoise cuff, LACAR silver cuff
There’s something about the simple denim romper that is close to my heart. Something I can paint in. Something I can bike in, run in, work in. This beauty is the softest of all denim and I’m obsessed. I remember shooting for Joe’s back in LA…all jeans, backless, lying on a couch on a rooftop downtown in the summer sun. Still, I have that shot in my book. This time I went with a little plaid, a little hardware, and a little cowhide. It doesn’t get anymore All American than that. I kind of just want to take a day off and head to the wilderness in this little get-up…my flannel matching the log cabin’s couch. Completely summer appropriate eh? The city’s already panicking due to the heatwave that I can feel just outside my window and thinking of Summer Fridays. The short days where we can all escape early. We’re talking sticky subways and smelly businessmen till the end of the week. We will survive I promise!! Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts New York! 
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  1. Emily B says:

    I completely agree, I always where my denim button-up when doing shoots for my shop. Maybe it’s because I’m reminded of being a kid and wearing a smock during art class, but for whatever reason it just makes me feel more creative!



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