Walk this Way

(Bardot jacket, French Connection dress, Rebecca Minkoff “Logan” backpack, Jenny Bird “mantra” necklace, Frye “sabrina” boots, Raen sunglasses)
This is me on the weekends…continuously tugging the straps to my backpack, hopping around the city in a great pair of heeled hiking boots and a little frock. So yes, this weekend was just too good. Dylana spent the nights on our pull-out couch, and because guess what?! It was the boyfriend’s giant neverending birthday bash! Let’s say we did a bit too much celebrating before today. Happy Birthday Jordan!!! There he is…pretending to look intense at our Sunday brunch, when really, he’s one of the biggest goofs you’ll ever meet, couldn’t hurt a fly. I looove youuuu (and your shoes of course). He’s one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met…he inspires me everyday, he’s eccentirc and makes me laugh, and he’s taught me that you know what “the sky’s the limit” and together I feel we are unstoppable. How did I get so lucky I really don’t know!! I get to live life and even work with my absolute best friend. All of our friends and I used his birthday as the perfect excuse to go out and go a little crazy! From late nights seeing his mom dance on tables out in the Meatpacking District, to humble calming nights at 1 a.m. curled up on the couch of our friend’s gorgeous Brooklyn loft. Wherever we were, I never really wanted the night to end. Neither did Dylana. Just before she left, she snapped these photos of me, praising the sunshine yet loathing the end to a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. I’m just happy to know that times like these will happen again.

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