Tie me Up

(Lovers & Friends dress, Vanessa Mooney necklace (similar), Opening Ceremony sunglasses, Black Water Moon ship ring, Karen London silver rings, Rebecca Minkoff backpack, The 2 Bandits turqoise cuff, and Vanessa Mooney cuff, Dr. Martens boots)
I never thought I’d fall in love with a pink dress so badly. This blush beauty is super mini, and I like it just on it’s own…but of course, with a killer pair of Docs and a pebbled leather backpack. It’s Saturday, and though I’m all for crazily running around the city, finding new places to explore, I always start my day on the roof. I love it up there. Especially on a gloomy day. I can see everything down 2nd Avenue, what’s going on in the East Village, the roofs of the buildings below. The occassional, “OMG what are they doing in their apartment?” I feel more sane when I’m up there. We’re lucky that we have a roof garden and so many lounge chairs…making it my friends favorite place to escape. They beg me to throw a rooftop party sometime this summer. Maybe I will! Here I’m shimmying in my new little frock with nothing but a Diet Coke and swipe of red lipstick. Two things that get me in the Saturday groove. Weekends I’m all for playing with new colors and makeup. Because it’s when I’m not working that I like to step things up. Happy Saturday everyone, get some rest, or get crazy.

Oh, and a little “Be Happy” loving on my arm, as a little reminder for the weekend.

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