Swim Baby

(Giejo swimsuit top and bottom, Urban headband, Vanessa Mooney choker, Hallelu velvet kimono)
I used to sit in my bedroom on the 2nd floor, overlooking our pool…playing music by the window as the sun sets over the dog park behind our house. I wonder if the neighbors could hear…I always made a racket. After Dylana went to college years ago, I somehow ended up on the other side of the house, taking over her giant room…with one of the best views of the canyons. This was long before we both became East Coasters in what felt like seconds. California is all about those little moments. The open space, the freedom, and quiet nights. Not a worry in the world, but with so much time and space to dream. I’m in love with our wooden LA home, and I do miss those glowing sunsets through the oak trees. I remember texting my friend in NYC saying all I can hear are the birds chirping, and I felt happy yet sort of far away. I did spend as much time out by the pool as physically possible. This time, soaking it all in with a gorgeous GEIJO mix and matched swimmy, and a random leopard headband I discovered at the bottom of my Coachella suitcase. If only we had more pooltime in the city! I find myself constantly pulling my friends out to the island, for that much needed R&R by the water! A girl can only take the constant rush of New York City life for so long! I really am completely back in the groove though, as the downtown streets warm up and nights seem more awake. For now, I’ll doze off dreaming of daisies and sunflowers until next time, California.

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  1. M.from barefootcloud says:

    It’s so true..In California your body feels that vast open space.. the freedom and the nights are so serene..the sleep deep..
    Those photos are so nostalgic..love the choker!

    New post on my side of the tracks if you wish to visit..



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