Slice of Lemon

(RVCA denim jacket, Olive Clothing denim shirt, 7 For All Mankind flares, Chaser Brand tank, Jenny Bird handbag, Brixton hat, Modern Vice “Carly” boots)
Yellow is forever one color I love for summer. The yellow of the Sunset Beach hotel, the lemons perfectly placed at our table. All of these little things brightened up this gloomy afternoon at the beach. We finally made our way to the hotel after asking countless locals on the road, nice enough to stop on their bikes and steer us in the right direction! Who knew the winding roads and bridges could be so complicated. It was freezing, but luckily there were blankets to bundle up in on the roof deck during our lunch, keeping me warm. With the ocean’s breeze blowing my safari hat off my head, I wanted nothing more than to curl inside our car, and continue driving around the island with the heater on! This place seemed magical though, one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in New York. A magnificant lunch of too early to drink glasses of sangria, and perfectly well-done burgers on wooden plates. Everyone brave enough to make their way out to the island on this chilly day looked beautiful…European, simple, and chic. Everything seemed white! From the sky, to the sand, to the linen shirts walking by. The seagulls flying just above us and the light sound of music from the restaurant below were probably the only ones making noise outside. Us girls ran outside squelling our heads off like little girls as we snapped some last minutes shots in the wind..what we’ll remember from our super long Memorial Day weekend. The boyfriend stayed in the car of course, seeking shelter, before we all decided it was about time to head back to the city, and doze off in the backseat to the radio. There’s something about chilly beach days that I still like. The nostaligia…it reminds me of home in Santa Monica, the constant late night chills by the water. I kept to my basics…corduroy flares, my favorite denim jacket, on top of cotton layers. Until next time Sunset Beach! And then, I will be in nothing but a teeny tiny bikini I hope! 
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41 Responses to Slice of Lemon

  1. Sara Hess says:

    I bought that Brixton hat as soon as I saw you sporting it! And I absolutely LOVE IT!

    A shame that it was such a chilly Memorial Weekend – I hope you can still go to the Hampton’s during the summer and chill with friends on the beach! You should rent a house with a pool and fill it up with good times 🙂

    Your legs look gorgeous in those pants, as well! And as always – love your writing <3 Lovely!

  2. Ivana Džidić says:

    I agree…yellow and summer…there is a link there somewhere:)

    As always absolutely fantastic photographs!

    …and your outfit is gorgeous…bottom bell jeans and boots—that’s just says: ” I’m here to have a great time!”


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