I love the 80’s!

Yes, I love the 80’s. When acid washed denim jackets ruled, and just as hard as the classic striped turtleneck. This denim jacket is the bad boy I brought in to the factory…sewing up it’s tearing sleeves, only to end up stitching American Flag leather down it’s spine. Talk about one SICK idea. Anyways, Michael Jackson is still on my party playlist…but of course with some Devonte Hynes thrown in. Those 80’s inspired beats keep me going and make me want to dance all night long. Oh, and meet my absolute new love! This LACAR Studio cuff earring. Yep, it only goes on my right ear and it’s completely badass. Something I’d find on a rebel chick on the corner of Brick Lane…smoking a cigarette, and about to cause a bit of trouble. (I miss you London!) How can one little piece of jewelry totally transform my mood. I even wear it with a tiny girly dress just to make it more me. For some reason I loved this look so much I wore it two days..IN A ROW. That is, before summer hit NYC a month in advance. Bye bye turtleneck, HELLO BANANA BOOT. I will definitely be kicking into summer with these bad boys. Summer doesn’t ever stop me from wearing booties…and lord knows the boyfriend makes the best ones. 
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62 Responses to I love the 80’s!

  1. Charlotte says:

    Love the 80’s, especially for music. Best MJ songs are definetly from the 80’s!

    Really like your outfit too, I love the striped turtleneck paired with the acid washed denim jacket!

    Thank’s for visiting my blog and commenting, I read your blog for years, it was such a pleasure to see you on mine 🙂


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  3. Pip says:

    Thanks for your sweet comment Natalie! I love your blog, and you are gorgeous! Your boots are so pretty and love the high waisted jeans on you!

    I’m following you across the board and hope you will stop back and visit again! xx Pip

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  4. Liana says:

    Stunning post my dear, absolutley love your gorgeous 80s inspired outfit! <333 Those boots are a dream!! Congrats on your brilliant blog, followed it of course! And thank you soo much for your comment from earlier today! <33

    Liana x
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