Hey Seymour

(L.A.M.B. jacket,  Lovers & Friends tank, MIH Jeans shorts, Dr. Martens “clemency” boots, Vanessa Mooney/ Karen London/ Black Water Moon rings, Rebecca Minkoff backpack, BOOSTCASE cell case)
Sorry boy, it’s a girl’s daaaay! God, I don’t know what I’d do without these chickadees. All absolutely crazy in their own way. Dylana, mostly behind the lens, captured these gorgeous shots as we had a Saturday playdate up and down Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Kelsea, forever clutching her film camera in the sunset. I grabbed the reins on Tanya’s adorable little pup, Seymour, and took him for an intense workout from Greenpoint to Williamsburg! I feel like he loved it…eventually getting to finally rest on the patches of grass, taking over the concrete down Bedford Avenue. I kept singing “sudeeeenlyyy Seymooourrr” in a really strange Broadway voice only because it was the main number in a play Dy and I did about 7 years ago hehe! Aww, Seymour, you had one wild day out with the ladies now didn’t you?! Too bad we had to take you home before venturing out to Fort Greene! Brooklyn is just so a wonderful escape on the weekends. There are places where the street can be completely empty, with maybe one biker passing by. A place to finally be able to clear your mind in peace. Rarely do I find that moment in the heart of the crazy East Village, my actual home. And YES YES, with the heat, I’m aaallll about the denim cut-offs. The perfect black pair, paired with a neon jacket and tie-dye tank. Extra chunky Docs made keeping up with Seymour all the more easy…just one clunk-of-a-step behind. The city already smells like summer, and I can’t wait to paint the town in more and more color.
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  1. Karina De Jesus says:

    hehe Seymour totally looks like he’s having the time of his life! 🙂
    It was nice to meet you for a split second tonight, glad my friend Mary invited me to join her on her perfect dress shopping spree 🙂 Anyway, hope to run into you some time again (I’m new in town) and I hope the event turned out the way you wanted it to be 🙂



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